My First Ever Home!

My First Ever Home!

As this picture shows, at the end of fall break I was lucky enough to meet my Mom in London and see the house that I lived in when I was first born! We saw so many wonderful things in London: the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, the whole city lit up at night from The Eye… The King’s Road, Mom’s old shopping stomping grounds, was one of my favorite places. By far what I enjoyed the most, though, was going to a service at Holy Trinity Brompton, the church where I was baptized. The worship was really amazing – I’m talking Nashville quality – and there was so much love and life in the building. What I’ve missed most in the past few months, besides of course my Mom, has been the Christian community and experiences that I have in Nashville. Being at HTB with my Mom really killed two birds with one stone! It was so encouraging and exciting to see God working in London and to feel connected even when I was so far from home. I hope some time in my professional life to return to London (or for fun, I suppose!) because it really is too big to do in just a few days. Thank you so much for the trip, Mom!


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